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In this austere performance, Elektra strips away a white fur and dazzling gown to reveal nothing but pearls. She flawlessly executes glove and stocking peels while a precariously placed rhinestone martini glass balances on the edge of her chaise. Set to Human by Goldfrapp, this act was inspired by the glamorous facade of old hollywood and the darkness behind it, this number is a true modern classic. 

This act was selected to compete for best debut at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas Nevada (2013, Trapeze in San Francisco (2012), and both the 2013 and 2016 Dirty Devil's Peepshow at Theatre Bizarre. 


Elektra gets her showgirl shine on in shades of blue and oodles of ostrich! 

Performed to Cirkus (Gramatik) with choreography by Marcel Michelle

Panty by Manuge et Toi, custom feathers from Fancy Feather, hat and bra by Elektra Cute.


Short, simple, sultry. Elektra Cute enjoys a cigarette and slowly removes her panties to Sidewalk Blues by Roger Roger. 


Elektra parades n' peels in a resplendent silver and white gown, matching gloves, and custom milinery! The gown spins away to reveal nothing but a diamond encrusted body cage, merkin, pasties, and a ponytail! 

The costume consists of pieces and work by L'exquisite Reveal, Straps by Sass, and Elektra Cute. Choreography contributious from Marcel Michelle, performed to MNDR's Feed Me Diamonds (custom edit by AJent O). 


Elektra bumps and grinds her way through the Del Rey’s burlesque classic Pink Pussycat that culminates in spinning tassels.

In this performance from The 2015 Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, Elektra is accompanied by The Southside Aces. Custom feather shrug by L'exquisite Reveal.


This ode to glamour celebrates a classic love story between a lady and her (not so) loyal maids. Accompanied by her pink poodle, Elektra comes home to find 'the help' getting into her boudoir supplies. They are gently scolded before helping Elektra out of her finery and into an indulgent, ruffled pink robe. 

This act debuted at the 2016 Minneapolis Burlesque Festival and features costuming by L'exquisite Reveal and choreography by Marcel Michelle. Elektra's maids are played by Kitson Sass & Pistol Prudence, and her canine companion is played by Moredecai. 

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